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Patrick McCaw to be waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers

Just three games into his Cleveland tenure, the ex-Warrior finds himself as a Free agent. Finally.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Patrick McCaw is betting on himself, and the house just doubled down on him. After forcing his way out of the Golden State Warriors’ future through a weird sort of quiet intransigence, the free agent dreams of McCaw seem to finally becoming reality.

Three games into his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he has been cut. The team signed him to a two-year, non-guaranteed contract with an option for the team to lock him in or not by January 10th. Apparently, the team didn’t need quite that long to make their decision.

For McCaw, this opens his path to go wherever he can find that suits both sides. Given the clack of available information, I’m honestly intrigued to see where that may be.

A minor player in the grand game of the NBA, McCaw has never been an especially vocal player — his free agency was no different. After months of quiet, he joined the Cavs but only gave the vaguest of non-answers when asked about why he wanted out of Golden State.

For now though, let’s hope this move wasn’t about the money. According to Shams Charnia, who broke this news today, the Cavaliers may turn right around and offer McCaw a minimum salary contract for the rest of the season.

Apparently this is legal according to current rules, but keep your eye on this. I don't think the NBA is eager to set a precedent of allowing this to happen. If the Cavaliers had initially offered a minimum salary contract for just this one season, the Warriors assuredly would have matched.

BUT McCaw has freed himself, in all likelihood. He played three games in Cleveland, and Golden State of Mind power user ServantofLuna noted, his output was...lacking.


I’ll leave it to the salary cap experts to tell us exactly how much money McCaw just left on the table, but he’s facing a steep uphill climb if he wants to stay in the NBA.

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