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This Week in Weaponized Joy: Curry’s ankle breaking and Durant’s fan

The Warriors two MVP’s had some memorable moments, but don’t forget about Looney showing off his deep ball against Portland!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Ah yes, there’s nothing like “Weaponized Joy”.

It is the fuel of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, and quite frankly Dub Nation’s thirst for it is reaching drought levels. The champs’ record is 26-14. In 2009 a record like that would have sent Warriors fans banging on their neighbors doors shouting the good news. In 2019, in the era of multiple Golden State championships, that same record sends waves of murmuring and complaining throughout the Golden Empire who seem to have replaced “We Believe” with “Win by 25 or GTFOH”.

The champs know the only way to keep their fans satisfied during the doldrums of January, several months before the postseason, is to weaponize some joy.

In this week’s chapter, we reflect on the Warriors winning 3 out of 4 versus Portland, Phoenix, Houston, and Sacramento.

Let’s do it.

“I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson”/ Steph breaks Justin Jackson’s ankles with a damn jab step

Can we get an apology from the Curry family out to Josh Jackson’s mother?

Goodness gracious. Justin Jackson was born March 25, 1995. His ankles died January 5th, 2019. The coroner informed me that the cause of death was “destruction by jab step from Unanimous”. How quick is Curry’s first step y’all? He took ONE STEP and Jackson’s body collapsed under the crushing weight of terror.

The entire Sacramento arena could only watch in horror as Curry eyeballed his defender crashing to the ground. They knew what would happen next: SPLASH!

Looney Tunes”/ Warriors bench gets hyped for Looney’s first three of the year

What’s up, doc?

Kevon Looney is filling in at the center position while the Dubs recover from injuries to their giants. He’s known for his defensive versatility and unselfish screening, but we heard rumors that Coach Steve Kerr believes in his jumper.

For a team that effectively changed the league with three-point shooting, it can be hard to get hyped for first quarter triples. Yet when “Loon” calmly sank this bomb from the top of the key early against POrtland, the entire Dubs bench leapt to their feet to celebrate.

This type of camaraderie and support is just what a young player like Looney needs to feel encouraged to expand his game. And if he does...look out!

“I’ll Be There”/ KD shows love to a special fan

Am I the only one who got a li’l misty eyed after seeing this clip?

The look on this fan’s face is pure joy. I can’t even write any words about this one. It’s just downright heartwarming.


Who weaponized the most joy this week?

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    "I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson"/ Steph breaks Justin Jackson’s ankles with a damn jab step
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  • 10%
    "Looney Tunes"/ Warriors bench gets hyped for Looney’s first three of the year
    (14 votes)
  • 41%
    "I’ll Be There"/ KD shows love to a special fan
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