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Curry will rest against the Lakers, who are without Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard tonight

Warriors’ Spellman out with back tweak, which opens door for Chriss, Pippen to impress against Lakers

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

There are some universal truths that cannot be refuted.

Mac and cheese is better with tater tots on top.

The ball does not, in fact, lie.

The Golden State Warriors have a shortage of playable big men.

With starters Kevon Looney and Wiley Cauley-Stein already slated to be out for the game, the frontcourt rotation took another hit today:

A return to Nellie ball

As we enter the final games of the preseason, the Warriors are still solidifying one last roster spot. Ironically, the spot in question is not technically “open” per se, but injuries have decimated the frontcourt, and led to a wide open competition for anyone who can contribute off the bench.

Thankfully, the Lakers will be playing tonight’s game without Anthony Davis (thumb) or Dwight Howard (rest), which should (hopefully) alleviate some of the troubles that have plagued Golden State’s interior so far this preseason.

As far as what to watch for - Marquese Chris is the presumed eventual roster addition, earning praises from the coach and adulation from the fans. As quoted by Mercury News, Steve Kerr had plenty of nice things to say earlier this week:

“He’s got more skill as a passer and a screener than I realized,” Kerr has said, in one form or another, throughout the preseason...Dribble handoff guy at the top, flipping screens, finding the right angles, screening without fouling. He’s shown a really, really good talent in that regard, and that’s a big part of our offense,” Kerr said.

Chriss leads the team’s preseason blocks (with 1.7 per game) and rebounds (9.3 per game), but it’s those little offensive wrinkles that he brings which will cement his position on the team.

Behind him, it gets a bit rougher. Kavion Pippen is there, but has averaged less than five minutes per game - a staggeringly low number, considering the dearth of options. Also look for Eric Pascal to get some run. He was given one of the team’s precious guaranteed contracts but has failed to impress. His biggest accomplishment in my opinion is that he hasn’t looked like a total disaster so far.

No Stephen Curry tonight (rest), but Kerr has indicated that he will use Friday’s upcoming game as a regular season “dress rehearsal.”

Until then, we get one more good look at Chriss and whatever else the Warriors can scrounge up.

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