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Lakers resting pretty much everyone for final preseason tuneup against Warriors

Golden State called it a “dress rehearsal”, Los Angeles called in “not interested”

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
Curry, taking it to the hole against one of the Lakers who will not play this evening

Among the great mysteries of this preseason: no one completely knows why the Lakers and Warriors played so many games against each other. Normally they’d mix in Sacramento or something... but not this year!

Back tonight, yet another game against the Los Angeles Lakers - but with a twist!

After sitting various players out for rest over the past two games, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is bringing all available weapons to bear against... well, I don’t actually know who’s left in uniform for the Lakers tonight. Alex Coruso?

This is going to be like one of those mid-week WWE matches where they send in a patsy to get roughed up by one of the main wrestlers. I can’t really fathom how the Warriors lose this game - which probably means they do somehow end up doing exactly that.

Roster moves and final details

As you may have heard, the Warriors ripped the McKinnie band aid off, finally making a move that most watchers of the team had been predicting for weeks. It doesn’t directly change much of the rotations for tonight’s game, Chriss was already expected to log heavy minutes. but I expect him to have a little extra bounce. Getting a new job is always exciting.

Otherwise, expect a fairly stable roster heading into the season. Without flexibility, the Warriors are going to stand pat in all likelihood, just waiting for players to get healthy and return to action.

Kevon Looney is still out, from what I can see online, though he was spotted putting work in during this morning’s shootaround.

Golden State’s first game is nearly a week out (next Thursday), which affords ample time for Looney to get all the way ready to tackle what promises to be a grueling season.

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