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Draymond Green and Bob Myers clear the air over the Kevin Durant saga

The two Warriors icons joined “The Woj Pod” in a revealing conversation that covered the emotionally raw impact of last year’s difficult season.

Golden State Warriors resign Draymond Green Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Last season was an emotional drain for the Golden State Warriors, evidenced by how their major players continue to touch on it as they transition into a new season.

Recently, the franchise’s enforcer Draymond Green joined general manager Bob Myers on The Woj Pod with Adrian Wojnarowski. The podcast was going along at a pretty smooth clip before taking an emotional turn when Green confessed that he felt his relationships with both Myers and Kevin Durant were slipping away after Green was suspended for cursing out KD during a game.

“I started to tell myself in my mind, ‘Wow, (Myers is) flipping on me,’” Green said. “And it just felt like, ‘Wow, OK, is this not the guy I’ve known for all these years? Is he turning on me?’ And I started to tell myself all of these things, and then everybody’s like, ‘Oh my God, the Warriors sided with Kevin Durant.’

”That was the hardest thing for me, because a lot of people don’t understand me. Bob does.”

Myers asked the former Defensive of the Player on the spot how he felt about that whole time period, and Green responded that he realized he was wrong, but also wondered if the situation could have been handled in a different way.

Green admitted that the organization’s biggest failure was a lack of communication over the last season, which led to an internal leadership “hole” that damaged the team.

“The thing that bothered me most wasn’t that Kevin Durant was mad, or that people were saying I was wrong, not that we lost...and definitely not that Kevin decided to leave.

The thing that bothered me the most was that, when Kevin goes and does the things he’s doing in the media, and says, ‘Oh, I wasn’t a part of of that, or like, that I was different than those guys.’

A part of it is like, ‘No you were one of us’ and that pisses me off. But, me knowing Kevin and having an actual relationship with him, I know exactly what he said. A lot of people didn’t know Kevin, and I actually did.

The thing that bothered me most was that lost his trust. I actually love this guy, that’s really my brother. So, not knowing what was next in our relationship, bothered me way more.”

Revealing words from a wizened Green who clearly cared about Durant, and was aware of how the difficulties in their relationship poorly impacted the team. Overall, I learned a lot about the big picture approach the Warriors take to the humanity side of basketball. My favorite line came from Myers, who said that just because fans don’t understand what a player is doing, doesn’t mean that the player is confused.

I highly recommend checking out the pod, as it went even deeper into both Green and Myers’ perspectives about a fascinating and tumultuous year.

As much as the fan base probably wants to erase how sadly the season finished and fast forward to the future, the organization still clearly has strong feelings about how it all went down.

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