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GSOM 2020 Fan night - Save the Date: March 31st vs. Denver Nuggets

Golden State of Mind makes our annual pilgrimage to a Warriors game - now in SF for the first time ever

Golden State Warriors Open Practice

For those who don’t know, GSOM Night is our blog’s annual community event where we get a large swath of seats in the same zone, print up some custom t-shirts, and put away our keyboards for a night.

It’s been a fantastic time for me, personally, and the community as a whole. And now, though we leave Oakland behind with a heavy heart, it is time to break in the new San Francisco arena and check out Chase Center.

Every year is different — we have played full games, held free throw contests, done post-game Q&A’s, and pregame shootarounds. While we are still finalizing the details, but right now it looks like you’ll be able to get into this one for just 90 dollars - including a free shirt!

As the date gets closer, we will provide additional announcements - like the shirt design, program specifics, and of course the final link to order your tickets. For now, just let your crew know about the date, mark it on your calendars, and keep your eyes on Golden State of Mind for additional updates.

Finally, we have recently been letting the community design the shirts, but this year the GSOM staff may just take matters into our own hands. I have a good idea that I think we will use, but if you have a strong candidate for a design for GSOM Night 2020, go ahead and let us know in the comments.

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