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Steph Curry and Dub Nation are going through Andre Iguodala withdrawal

Curry let the world know he misses the 2015 Finals MVP in a major way by talking about a text conversation they shared.

Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, right, carriers the trophy for being named MVP of the NBA championship and guard Stephen Curry, right, carries the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy after the team landed in Oakland, Calif., Wednesday, J Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Golden State Warriors fans are notoriously vociferous in their loyalty to their beloved team, especially to the players who were around when the team was making the transition from “giant dumpster fire” to “believing in themselves thanks to Pastor Mark Jackson”.

For example: when fan favorite Monta Ellis was traded despite never making an All-Star game and generally being a poor fit next to Stephen Curry (as he predicted), furious Warriors fans booed the hell out of new owner Joe Lacob. In hindsight, trading Ellis was one of the key steps out of the dumpster fire. But at the time, fans were sick of the franchise acting as a rusty turnstile that players like Chris Webber, Gilbert Arenas, and Baron Davis churned on the way to somewhere else whilst the Dubs were still terrible.

So when Andre Iguodala became the first star free agent to join the new, Splash Bros-era Warriors back in 2013, he immediately won over the fan base. When he humbly accepted a bench role only to become a Finals MVP when he lifted the Warriors out of LeBron James’ mighty clutches in the 2015 Finals, Iguodala became an icon amongst icons in the Bay Area.

That’s why when he was sent packing as a part of the Warriors frantic post-KD retooling job this summer, it was a devastating blow to the team’s fan base. Beyond that, it was particularly painful to his teammates and coaches, especially the face of the franchise, Steph.

Iguodala always stuck up Curry, on and off the court, like a big brother.

Currently, Iguodala is technically a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, but it appears they have an agreement where he can stay away from the team as they figure out how to move him.

What a bizarre pause of a career for an amazing basketball player, who still has the wits and skills to make a major impact.

At least our guy is still getting paid, though!

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