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Warriors fall to Suns 121-110

Dubs couldn’t overcome early game Avalanche

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t let the final score fool you and distract you from the fact that the Golden State Warriors sucked tonight.

Granted there is a dearth of talent on the roster as it’s constructed, but that does not justify not trying. The Warriors missed a great opportunity to build off of the momentum of the win in New Orleans and to their credit, they had the right energy early in the game. That energy disappeared when the Suns went on a quick run that later ballooned to a 31-5 scoring binge. Here are more observations from tonight’s “game”.

Damn Warriors, did you even try to pinch the Suns on defense?

For the past five years, the Warriors’ defense have been their understated calling card. They were at the time among the top defensive teams in the league. Those third quarter runs that the Warriors were known for were generated by getting stops and hustling in transition. Now, they can’t stop a nose bleed. Phoenix got whatever they wanted in the first quarter. They played soft on the perimeter and in the paint. Not only did the defense surrender 41 points, they also surrendered their will to compete.

Struggles on offense

The Warriors smoked countless easy layups and couldn’t buy a basket for a while. Before breaking his hand and leaving the game in the third quarter, Stephen Curry not only struggled from the field, he played disinterested and passive once again. When the Warriors needed scoring, Curry continued to defer. This is where the motion offense have it’s limitations. What exactly will a pick and roll do for this roster. Lets say, Curry receives a dribble handoff from Draymond Green. Curry kicks it back out to Green, Spellman, or whoever to either:

Shot and miss a middy

Pass it to someone only to clank a three or

a turnover after passing the ball for the 5012th time.

Since the Warriors are young team now with new faces, it’s best if head coach Steve Kerr simplify the plays. With Curry being out for a while, he has no choice.

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