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The hilarious theater of the LeBron James-Warriors rivalry rolls on

This thing is the never ending story.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

When megastar LeBron James led his band of Hollywood mercenaries to 120-94 throttling of the Golden State Warriors, it was as predictable as it was brutal.

The Lakers are on a mission to make the postseason for the first time since 2013, and have assembled a fearsome roster comprised of All-Stars and hardened veterans.

Meanwhile, their rivals from the Bay Area are recuperating from the physical and financial toll of dominating the NBA over the last five seasons. Last night, Draymond Green was the only Warrior on the floor who had ever tasted dynastic champagne, which must have been a bizarre sight for ex-Dubs/current Lakers JaVale McGee, DeMarcus Cousins, and Quinn Cook. No Splash Bros, no Kevon Looney; just Dray and some new kids.

So when the Warriors were streamrolled in a game that was basically over by halftime, Dub Nation took it in stride. After all, this Lakers team is loaded! Even if the Dubs were at full strength, L.A. would be a fascinating puzzle to solve.

During this time of patient healing and retooling, I really enjoy checking out the slander from opposing fan bases, like this tongue-in-cheek post from our buddies at Silver Screen & Roll.

Lmao, they are so cruel.

But then a bizarre narrative that I thought was long dead reared its ugly head: LeBron was unrightfully robbed of his greatness during the unfair ascendancy of Steph’s Warriors.

Check out this preposterous hyperbole from Sports Illustrated:

So let me get this straight...

  • LeBron should have won the 2015 Finals except Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love got injured.
  • The Cavaliers comeback over the Dubs is the most meaningful championship of the rivalry because it involved a 3-1 comeback over a 73-win team, despite a fugazy suspension to Draymond and several injury problems for the Warriors.
  • The Warriors signed Kevin Durant and go 8-1 vs Cleveland in the next two Finals, but that wasn’t fair because Golden State should have never tried to make their roster better by adding KD.

So when LeBron loses, it wasn’t fair. When he wins, it’s way more valuable than any of his losses. Thank goodness he only beat the Warriors once out of four attempts, amirite? #3-1

Now that leads us back to last night, where the Lakers’ revamped roster blows out a Warriors team in rebuilding mode with Curry and Thompson sidelined, Durant gone to Brooklyn, and a plethora of youngsters learning pro basketball on the fly.

Is the narrative “Bron outlasted the lucky/cheating/fake dynasty of the Warriors and now all is right with the world”? Hilarious.

Wellp, the enemies of the Golden Empire should yuk it up while they can. This is their one season to desperately claw for a title before the Splash Bros are back in full force. I can’t blame them for reveling in the moment after suffering from the wrath of Golden State for several years.

But, they better make the most of it. The clock is ticking, Lakers.

Tick tock, tick tock.

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