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Podcast: Bryan Oringher talks gameplanning against Steph Curry

Basketball analyst and former Wizards video coordinator @ScoutWithBryan stopped by to explain the daunting dilemma that is scheming against Curry in Coach Kerr’s “beautiful offense”

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) lets out a yell after sinking a three point shot to give his team a 51-50 lead against Portland Trail Blazers’ in the second quarter of their NBA basketball game on Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 in Oakland, Calif.(Anda Ch Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Hey Dub Nation, we’ve got a fresh new pod for you. Today we’re joined by Bryan Oringher, a former video coordinator for the Washington Wizards as well as former scout for the Raptors and Hawks.

You may know him from the excellent game analysis he’s provided for our buddies at Bullets Forever, or from his YouTube channel where he has tons of content discussing the finer points of NBA schemes.

Or you may know him as the very opinionated Twitterer @ScoutWithBryan!

At any rate, Bryan O is treasure trove of basketball knowledge and it was awesome picking his brain. We touched on various subjects including:

  • His work with the Washington Wizards
  • How point guards evolved en masse from game managers to scorers over the last decade
  • The difficulties of gameplanning against Stephen Curry
  • The beauty of the Warriors offense under Steve Kerr (he called it the most beautiful offense ever)
  • The next generation of point guards to look out for
  • Why the Warriors should hold on to D’Angelo Russell (Young James Harden comparisons?)
  • The tragic tale of John Wall and the possible redemptive arc

This is a podcast you don’t wanna miss folks!

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