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Watching Luka Doncic destroy your team is very bittersweet

Luka’s easy triple dub on the Dubs got @DHardee_SBN talking with @BrianZilem on the @BlueHardwood podcast about the power of Luka and the current state of the injured Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey Dub Nation, was it tough watching the Golden State Warriors get blown out by a million points to the Dallas Mavericks?

Imagine being there in Texas, live in the American Airlines Center, to watch Luka Doncic rain hellfire on the Bay’s team. That’s precisely what happened to me Wednesday, rocking my Warriors gear, surrounded by 20,000 screaming Mavericks fans, while Luka dominated what was left of Golden State’s injured, ragtag squad.

After salivating over the Warriors’ destruction of the NBA during the dynastic run, perhaps it was healthy for me as a “GSW supporter/regular human being” to get a little taste of my own medicine away from the friendly confines of Oracle/Chase.

Or, I made a horrible error of judgment in going to Dallas and I should not have subjected myself to 20-year old Luka destroying the Warriors’ youth movement via deadly step-backs.

Either way, I hopped on the Blue Hardwood Podcast with Brian Zilem (@BrianZilem) to share a mutual appreciation for what a killer Luka is, and what it’s like to root for teams in transition after tasting so much success.

Check it out! And we better get our revenge when the Mavs come to Chase Center next month...