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The Warriors still beat (y’all) though

Jokes and revelry about the Warriors’ disastrous season doesn’t erase their five year span of success at your favorites’ expense.

NBA: Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

History is undefeated.

You can attempt to destroy it by snatching statues off of pedestals. You can use coded language to sanitize it and make it more palatable. You can even exclude it from textbooks in an attempt to scrub the stench and grime of facts and truth from their sterile, white pages.

But all the attempts at denying and censoring history is futile. Denying it in the world of sports is more pathetic than it is laughable.

Currently, the Golden State Warriors at 3-14, own the worst record in the league. The opposition and their fans are taking out five years of angst, jealousy, and resentment not on the death/Hampton 5 lineup that’s been the source of their torment. Instead, teams have been sticking their chests out by defeating the Warriors’ “Vista View” lineup. A low rate, JV version of themselves.

Teams lining up to kick a vulnerable Warriors squad while they are down is to be expected and to be taken advantage of. No Stephen Curry. No Klay Thompson. AND the team is hard capped until the offseason, so they are stuck with whoever is on the current roster until then. It’s the perfect storm for the season they are having and other teams know it. You play who’s in front of you. Fine. But don’t pretend like this is extracting revenge or an equivalent because it isn’t. Not even close.

Crossing up Jordan Poole in a game has nothing to do with Curry exploding for 33 points in the second half and ending your season and aspirations for a title. It has little to do with Thompson going nuclear in a game 6. Poole has nothing to do with random Warriors taking turns at head coach Steve Kerr's clipboard in a random January game to keep the squad engaged because they were up by nearly 50 points.

Dunking on Willie Cauley-Stein does not take the ass kickings and the titles away. Preening after blocking Glenn Robinson III doesn’t mean that Kevin Durant’s hesi pull up daggers never happened. None of the current blowouts of these Dubs prove anything because the real “tormentors” are all in street clothes and will be in such for most of the season. If the team is smart, all of the season.

Opposing fans and haters have been bathing in schadenfreude all season and shouting to the world about how the Warriors and their fans “deserve this.” It’s their “comeuppance”. It’s karma they say. “It’s “no fun when the rabbit has the gun.” Beneath the petty facade, what these fans and some pundits are really saying is that THEY deserve seeing the Warriors “implode” like this. It’s cool. It’s fine because they have cried rivers, lakes, and oceans for five years.

The newfound joy of this year still doesn’t change the fact that the Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy and rolled through downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt with it three times in five years all the while sending favorites home in the process.

In an ironically perverse way, the Warriors, while losing are still winning. Instead racking up the ‘W’s’ on the court, Golden State is racking them up in the minds of and hearts of the fans they’ve victimized. Their teams are among the league’s best teams but nobody knows it with how much they tweet about the last place Warriors. Curry is out for at least February with a broken hand but haters can’t seem to keep his name off their lips. He might as well be shimmying and knawing on his mouthpiece and taking up questionable swatches of real estate in their minds. Why would someone like NBA on ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy care whether or not Curry and Thompson are watching the Dallas Mavericks destroy the Dubs by 48?

The Warriors are down. Durant is on the shelf in Brooklyn. The splash brothers won’t be splashing anytime soon and Draymond Green isn’t flexing much these days. Yet, fans of other teams can't stop thinking and talking about the Dubs. They can’t stop twerking for joy seeing other teams ransack the makeshift roster that’s currently playing. Make it make sense.

History will never change. What’s done is done. All you can do as it pertains to it is accept it and learn from it. Be inspired from it and make some of your own or watch it repeat itself. Kind of like how the Warriors’ season is a stark parallel to the Spurs’ lost season before they landed Tim Duncan.

Keep this same energy next season when you watch the real Warriors make more history at your faves’ expense.

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