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Video: Dub Nation gives thanks to the Warriors for playing with heart

The NBA’s best fanbase has created a special video to show their love and appreciation for the Bay’s team, no matter what their record is.


There’s a particularly tight-knit symbiosis between the Golden State Warriors and their rabid followers, “Dub Nation”.

Through good times and bad, the Warriors’ fanbase has supported the franchise, making their voices heard. Sometimes, like during the We Believe era, those voices lifted a band of castoffs to unforeseen heights.

Other times, like when the franchise traded Monta Ellis and seemed to be spiraling out of control, those powerful voices rained vociferous disapproval. Remember when Warriors owner Joe Lacob was shaken by Dub Nation’s displeasure at Chris Mullin’s retirement ceremony?

When the Warriors created a dynasty but left their home of 47 years in Oakland, it cut deep for a large segment of Dub Nation that has seen “The Town” abandoned far too many times.

The face of the franchise, Stephen Curry, empathized with wounded fans who were disappointed with the team’s move to San Francisco. Curry took the time to pen a letter to those supporters:

It’s been my pleasure to represent the town the last 10 years. Through the ups and downs, the city always had my back. The energy was electric night after night. The passion was unmatched. The support was unending. For years, you literally had my back. No matter how big and wild this crowd got, I knew with you around, I was good. I will always be grateful for you and every other person in the Bay who put on for Dub Nation. The arena might be moving, but a huge part of my heart will always stay in Oakland. Steph Curry.

Per The Undefeated

It’s also the ten-year anniversary of the promise Curry made directly to Dub Nation.

When Curry’s Splash Bros, the injured legend Klay Thompson grabbed the mic before the 2019 Opening Night tipoff in the brand new Chase Center, he assuaged the fanbase with a palpable tenderness.

There’s no doubt that Dub Nation’s energy permeates throughout the Warriors culture. The team is wracked with injuries and losses, suffering through a forced youth movement, and yet Golden State fans are still filling up Chase Center to support.

That’s why Golden State of Mind is sending out a special Thanksgiving message to the Warriors and Warriors fans on our YouTube channel. We’re joyfully grateful towards the fans who make up our community and Dub Nation at large, and we appreciate all that the Warriors do to entertain and inspire us.

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