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The Warriors beat Dame Time, inject life into Chase Center

Golden State’s first ever win at the new building came with a series of new revelations for the Warriors.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

FINALLY...the Golden State Warriors are off of the schneid at their brand spankin’ new home in San Francisco, knocking off semi-rival Portland Trail Blazers with a surprising 127-118 triumph. Considering the Warriors waited until their fifth home game to actually win one of ‘em, this W is especially tasty. The Dubs’ youth movement was ready for Dame Time, and momentarily turned back the clock to the franchise’s previous winning ways.

First road loss for Portland...and first sign to doubt them?

Last night’s game was the first clash between these two ballclubs since last year’s Western Conference Finals. The Warriors have eliminated Portland’s plucky teams three out of the last five seasons, including the painful sweep last season.

If there was ever a time for the Blazers to exact some revenge on the teetering Golden Empire, this was the moment.

Before last night, the Blazers were ranked 14th in ESPN’s power rankings, ahead of Charlotte, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City (all teams that have beaten the Dubs so far). They also have Damian Lillard, an assassin from Oakland who wasn’t very pleased with the way the Warriors were moved out of his hometown.

An understandable sentiment, one that reverberates throughout Dub Nation depending on who you chat with. Last night, Lillard lit the Chase Center up for 39 points, like he was punishing the Warriors for every frustrated East Bay commuter stuck in traffic on their way to the game.

Change is hard.

That’s why Warriors fans can be comforted that the Blazers are the same as always: squirrelly but ultimately harmless.

The Warriors’ rookies witnessed firsthand the intensity of Bay Area basketball as Lillard attacked them from the get-go. The young Dubs didn’t shrink from the moment though; they went right back at Lillard’s neck.


The Dubs outscored Portland 67-55 in the second half, an encouraging sight considering the Blazers will most likely be a playoff team. Let’s just say if the Warriors actually do survive the storm and make the postseason, I’d love to get another GSW-POR matchup.

First Dubs’ win without any Hamptons 5 members

The Warriors played nine guys, six of them 25-years old or younger. None of those six were on the roster last year.

If you were cryogenically frozen the night after the Warriors lost the 2019 Finals and woke up just before tipoff of last night’s game, you might assume you had been transported into an alternate dimension where the Dubs replaced the Hamptons 5 with a handful of likable SoundCloud rappers.

By the end of the game, you would realize two things:

1.) The seed of the glorious future of GSW hoops has now been planted into the soil that is Dub Nation’s heart.

2.) The Warriors can literally just throw a bunch of rookies together to smack the Blazers around, contrary to C.J. McCollum’s superteam complaints. HE’S GETTING BODIED, JENNIFER.

Did you catch those wide-eyed looks of excitement the youngsters shared as they ran Coach Kerr’s motion-offense with an encouragingly growing level of familiarity and flair? After they pulled off a sweet out-of-timeout play in the heat of battle, I knew they were sold on the Warriors coaching staff’s strategic brilliance.

The bench was already leaping to their feet while the pass was in the air. For the Warriors to pull off this beautiful ballet of timing and precision in a tight game against a veteran squad like Portland? Truly beautiful.

The Warriors’ young guns were led by rookie Eric Paschall’s revelatory 34 points and 13 rebounds, but there were quite a few other impressive performance by his teammates. Ky Bowman’s forceful 19-points, 8-assist performance kept Portland on their heels, while Damion Lee, Jordan Poole, Alec Burks, and Willie Cauley-Stein all scored in double figures.

I thought folks were saying #StrengthInNumbers was dead?

First time since Steph Curry that a Dubs’ rookie has balled like this

Back to the young bully Paschall!

Is this the rookie of the year? Stay tuned.

Never forget the road to the first Chase win

  • Opening Night, the Warriors got waxed by Kawhi Leonard’s new look Los Angeles Clippers. Perpetual antagonist Patrick Beverly mocked fans for leaving early, telling Stephen Curry that his time is up.
  • The reinvigorated Phoenix Suns rolled into Chase Center and put a Chuck Norris level beatdown on the confused Dubs (43-14 Phoenix run to start the game). Curry tragically broke his hand in third quarter, and Dub Nation activated top-secret fandom protocol “spurs.96.97.tank.4.future” and braced as an entire league celebrated the apparent death of the Golden Empire.
  • Warriors held tough against the San Antonio Spurs (Dubs trailed 58-57 at halftime) before being cooked like patty melts by Patty Mills in the second half. Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell unfortunately suffered injuries, meaning the Dubs would have to play a stretch without any All-Stars for the first time since the Triassic Period.
  • Golden State blew a golden opportunity to knock off the Charlotte Hornets, plagued by rebounding miscues in the final minute. Signs appeared that the team was galvanizing around the scoring and ferocious personality of rookie Paschall, as he scored 25 points whilst barking non-stop that no one could guard him.

That takes us to last night, when Paschall and his band of hungry marauders stunned the Portland Trailblazers in Chase Center in front of a pleasantly energetic crowd. It was heartwarming to see the stands still filled in the fourth quarter as a decent “Waaarrrrioooorrrsss” chant bridged the gap between the nosebleeds and the courtside. Both the Chase fans and the team took a big step forward last night in victory.

We’ve only been playing for, like, two weeks; has the pendulum swung from “tanking by default” to “We Believe”?