Writing off this season this early is a betrayal. Tanking is a betrayal.

Going by how many people seem to be embracing the tank it needs to be said.

Wasting a year of the primes of the Warriors core three to my mind is unconscionable. Even if only a couple are available, you do your best with it. But people seem eager to trade in the bird in hand for what's behind door number 1.

Out of the past few draft classes who would have been worth tanking for in the Warriors current situation? I think only Doncic. Maybe Tatum. Embiid and Simmons took a couple of years before they were available. What's more likely is getting a Fultz, Lonzo, or Jackson.

But a top pick can be traded one might say. Traded for whom? I don't see very obvious candidates.

The Warriors already have a top pick on their roster: DLo. Make the most of him. Develop the other young guys properly. They are more likely to return dividends more quickly.

Choosing to tank is prioritizing the next iteration of the Warriors over this proven one and is inviting a karmic response.

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