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The launch of a Gold Blooded acting career?

In case you missed it, yes that is our good friend Daniel Hardee in that commercial you just saw during the Dubs game

Here at Golden State of Mind, we don’t always stick to pure basketball content, and so it is that I find myself writing about a TV ad that I saw during a fun (but painful) loss to the New York Knicks.

You see, my good friend and fellow contributor here, Daniel Hardee, aka The Gold Blooded King showed up on my TV screen in the middle of a game. Many of our readers may have missed the connection, and he’s too demure to self promote this - so allow me.

At first the intro came up and me and the wife both perked up. We’d heard about this trip, and that there was going to be some sort of ad campaign that used the footage, but seeing Daniel and his friend ShawnAnthony still felt a little surreal.

If you’ll recall, this was for the game where the Golden State Warriors got absolutely waxed by Luca Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. But the advertisement manages to capture a bit more than just the one game. As he does with his writing, Daniel succinctly personifies the deep abiding love fans have for this team without shoving it down everyone’s throats. Starting with a voiceover, and ending with a “welp” facial expression and a shrug, here he is talking about the long-lasting relationship us fans have with this team:

“I always loved them, and they were my first team. So even when they were terrible, I loved them. Like family.”

The Warriors are terrible right now, we all still love them, and I cannot think of a better face and voice for Dubs fandom than this.

Watch for Daniel’s ad, and spread the word: dude can act, write, produce, root for a crappy team, you name it. His dancing? A bit questionable, to be honest.

The Warriors won’t always be this bad, but us die hard fans will stand with them even if they are.

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