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Warriors vs. Suns preview: Can they continue the winning streak?

Tanking is still at the forefront of our minds, but let’s be real: it feels good to win again.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors will face the Phoenix Suns tonight at 7:30 p.m. looking to win four games in a row for the first time in forever.

Beating the Houston Rockets on Christmas Day — a game that I openly wrote off in favor of spending time with in-laws — was something of a miracle, but it’s also seeming like the team is figuring something out lately. And honestly it’s just more fun to watch the guys having fun again instead of being mired in an endless cycle of losing.
That’s why it’s easy to side with Warriors coach Steve Kerr against the ref who cautioned him to keep the bench’s celebrations to a minimum — there has been very little to celebrate and you need something just to get through an 82-game season.

In any event, the Suns enter tonight’s game having lost seven straight.... so this could be an attainable win!
The tank can wait — don’t worry, we’re still in last place — but I’m gonna enjoy this mini-streak while it lasts.

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