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Klay Thompson reveals early career financial mistakes

Thompson was a recent guest on Uninterrupted’s Kneeding Dough

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For Warriors all-star Klay Thompson, money is the very least of his worries.

In July, he signed a $190 max contract over the the next five years. He has his share of endorsements that nets him additional millions off the court.

However, early in Thompson’s career, he ran into some financial traps thats’ typical of a young athlete coming into more money that they up until this point could only imagine earning.

Thompson, just like so many other indulged in his share of wasteful spending. But he indulged in the most on-brand way possible. While most players would spend their money on cars, houses, or making bad business decisions, Thompson’s vice was clothes. Not just to wear, but to collect.

“I made some mistakes—like hoarding, especially with the clothes,” Thompson told, Maverick Carter on his Kneading Dough web series. “I would just have a full closet and wear five percent of the clothes and I’m like ‘what I’m going to do with all of these clothes, man?’

If the need to buy new clothes only to wear five percent of what he bought wasn't enough to try to send Thompson to the “ poor house”, The team poker games have definitely put a dent in the all star sniper’s wallet.

Building team chemistry on the road had a steep price.

“We had some sharks on the team . Every road trip on the plane,” Thompson recalled.

“(it’s) a great way to build camaraderie but it’s tough to do on your rookie deal, especially when you are playing guys who have been in the league for eight and nine years. But that competitive drive comes in, especially with poker, it’s an emotional game.”

From his rookie year through last season, Thompson earned a tad under $79 million dollars in his salary with the Dubs. His endorsement deals include Anta, Opus Bank, BodyArmor, and Tissot.

You can check out Thompson’s interview on “Kneeding Dough” below.

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