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NBA denies Rockets protest

This is my shocked face.

Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Well, this is very surprising.


The NBA has denied tho Houston Rockets protest of their December 3 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. If you missed the ordeal, we wrote about it here. But here’s the short version: A James Harden dunk in the fourth quarter was missed by the refs, who thought Harden missed the dunk. The refs then missed the chance to let Houston review the play, and the Rockets eventually blew a double-digit lead before losing in double overtime.

Houston protested the two points they were robbed of. Their hope was to have the outcome reversed, or the final minutes replayed.

They got neither. The league announced on Monday that the appeal had been denied, and the result would stand. Commissioner Adam Silver stated that the team had “sufficient time to overcome the error.”

This is certainly the correct choice. There are bad calls against every team in every game, and it would be a bizarre and difficult precedent to set if the league somehow deemed this missed call the one worthy of having a result overturned.

Or, to put it more eloquently, our own Eric Apricot:

The league has also chosen to discipline the three referees o assignment for the game, due to the missed call and ensuing failure to allow replay challenge.

What a bizarre situation that got blown out of proportion, to no one’s surprise. Thankfully it’s in the rearview mirror, though we all know the Rockets: They’ll find something to be upset about again, I’m sure.

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