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Stephen Curry, unofficial ambassador of All Star weekend, gets started by hosting a skills camp for youth

Self deprecating star yells “the next Steve Kerr” when kid makes shot; predicts another win at three-point contest

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NBA: All Star Game-Team LeBron at Team Stephen

Hometown hero Stephen Curry is already at work in Charlotte as All Star weekends begins it’s slow grind. For those that know him, it’s no surprise that Curry’s first official activity involved giving something back to the youth of the area.

He participated in a short Q&A, where he not-so-boldly declared “I am” when asked who would win this year’s three-point contest. But as we would expect, Curry quickly got to work. While plenty of cameras were rolling, Curry clearly took this opportunity as more than just a photo op, he was in the trenches running drills and encouraging and teaching.

Teaching moments like this are par for the course for Curry, who also has a masterclass series teaching fundamentals and shooting skills is a natural educator. His game, built on slight movements rather than acrobatic dunks holds a fundamental appeal for the masses - many of whom will never come close to dunking a tennis ball.

Still, an invaluable opportunity for these kids to learn from one of the greatest ballhandlers, and (almost certainly) the greatest shooter of all time.

This program was part of the “Junior NBA”, a laudable endeavor that aims to create a modernized youth basketball program designed to enhance the youth basketball experience for players ages 6-14, coaches, parents, teams, and organizations. It’s only a few years old - but if this is something they can reliably offer, then I’m sure they’ll be around for a long time.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the Rising Star Challenge

From the NBA, here’s the full schedule of tonight’s festivities. I always tell myself I won’t watch any of it. And then I watch most of it.

Friday, Feb. 15

All times Western (PST)

2 p.m. | Hall of Fame Announcement | NBA TV

4 p.m. | NBA All-Star Celebrity Game presented by Ruffles | ESPN

6 p.m. | MTN DEW ICE Rising Stars | TNT

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