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Team Giannis collapses in all star game, overblown reactions ensue

A huge third quarter spurred a comeback for Team LeBron.

NBA: All Star Game Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 NBA All-Star Game was pretty similar to last season’s: underdog team on paper leading for most of the game. Then the heavy favorites comeback and win in the second half.

Team Giannis did more than hold their own against a heavily favored Team LeBron. They held a lead as large as 20 points and scored 95 points at the half with efficient shots and ball movement. Getting away what made Team Giannis successful in the first half lead to their 178-164 loss. Here are more observations from last night’s All-Star Game.


Kevin Durant walked out of Charlotte with the 2019 All-Star Game MVP, and it’s not really a bad choice. Durant scored 31 points and was responsible for six threes. However, it was the hot shooting of Klay Thompson and Portland’s Damian Lillard that really sparked the third quarter run that gave Team LeBron the lead. While Durant’s line was solid, it was typical of him. Thirty “quiet” points in the middle of chaos. Nothing out of the ordinary and no different from a regular season game. Thompson’s and Lillard’s performances were more pivotal.

Stone Cold Shooting

Stephen Curry shot an uncharacteristic 6-for-23 from the field. However, he wasn’t alone in his struggles. In Curry’s case, shooting poorly in All Star games is common — inexplicable but common. Russell Westbrook, on the other hand, is the opposite of Curry.

Westbrook (8-for-20) really struggled from the field and was part of the collapse. He is usually solid in All Star games, winning two MVPs. But this year, Westbrook didn’t have it. He and the second unit of Team Giannis thrived when he attacked the paint. He didn’t do enough of it. Instead, he shot ill advised threes and made senseless passes when he should have looked for his own shot around the rim.

Overblown postgame reactions

In the 4080th reminder how warped social media can be at times, I made the mistake of reading tweets and IG posts, and all I found was Durant and Curry fans once again sniping at each other and bashing the players. In year three, this “civil war” between the fan base isn’t anything new. However, tonight, the madness may have reached it’s peak. There are some fans who are overrating an all-star game, using it as a statement on whose team it is. This was a game where only a few players shot the ball well. Curry and Westbrook weren’t the only one’s struggling from the field. Charlotte’s Kemba Walker went 2-for-8, Houston’s James Harden shot 4-for-13, Washington’s Bradley Beal shot 4-for-11.

We’re talking about an all-star game where the effort isn’t really the best. Everyone was chucking up shots. A 95-point half. It’s not like there were tangible stakes involved like MLB’s All-Star Game where the winner gets home field in the World Series.

Granted, fans want their faves to play well in the all star game and that’s fine. However, to bicker among the fan base over a glorified exhibition is senseless and asinine.

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