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Durant, Curry, Thompson made Dub Nation proud for All-Star Weekend 2019

Dub Nation was well represented by the Golden State Warriors during last weekend’s All-Star extravaganza.

2019 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The 2019 All-Star weekend was an awe-inspiring display of sublime skill, freakish athleticism, and dazzling showmanship. The Charlotte fans were giddy with excitement, roaring with every deep bomb and highlight real dunk. For the NBA’s global fan base, this was a singular opportunity to witness the possibilities of Hall-of-Fame talent and Harlem Globetrotter level showmanship.

For Golden State Warriors fans however, the festivities were just another opportunity to watch their dynasty flex. Kevin Durant won All-Star MVP, Steph Curry put on a spectacular performance in the 3-Point Shootout, and Klay Thompson poured in 20 points during the All-Star game.

Let’s take a look back at how the Bay’s heroes went to Charlotte and weaponized joy.

“What’s My Name?” / KD gives Embiid the business

Oh, you thought because it was the first quarter of an All-Star exhibition that Durant wouldn’t remind Joel Embiid to know his role?

Durant sized up Embiid like a Jack in the Box drive-thru menu at 1AM. KD whipped the ball from side to side, in between his legs, wiggling his shoulders with the ferocity of rattlesnake broadcasting a deadly warning.

Embiid set himself into a defensive stance. The 7-foot 76ers center prides himself on his shot-blocking and was no doubt looking to send KD’s shot flying into the stands. Durant gave him no such opportunity, slithering into the paint, absorbing Embiid’s physical contact, before deading him with a fadeaway jumper.

As the refs whistled Embiid for a foul, Durant started woofing in the giant’s face to add insult to injury. Allegedly, Durant told Embiid where he could go (hint, it was “outta there” LOL).

“More Bounce To The Ounce” / Steph serves Giannis with the tremendo oop

KD, you know we love you, but Curry had you jumping in vain on this RIDICULOUS alley-oop.


I had no idea what Curry was doing when he suddenly stopped on the fastbreak and slammed the ball to the hardwood with all of his might. The ball flew high in the air, disappearing off camera. Poor KD made a feeble attempt to smack the ball; I don’t think he knew what was happening until he had already jumped into the air.

That’s when team captain Giannis Antetokounmpo flashed into the screen like a superhero, leaping as high as he could. He hung in the air for an impossible amount of time, until the ball came back to Earth for him to hammer it down with the power of a Kryptonian.

The roof came off the Spectrum Center and I thought the players and fans were going to storm like the court like it was a streetball game.

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”/ Steph gets Klay on the 4-Pt trickery

I am not a proponent of Splash Bro on Splash Bro crime. But sometimes big brother has to let little brother know what time it is. Before I even get to the dastardly move Steph hit Klay with, let’s talk about defense. All real hoopers know that EVERYTHING starts with the D.

After Steph set the tone with that, it was only a matter of time before the basketball gods rewarded him with a moment of offensive greatness.

Whoa now Klay! Welcome to the deep end of the pool, baby!

(Disclaimer: Klay had 20 points and was cooking so don’t think he wasn’t getting busy)

“I’m Dreamin” / Curry puts the world into a trance in the 3-Pt contest

Just watch Curry take the first round of the 3-Pt Shootout. It’s so pretty.

Joe Harris won the contest, but Curry still gave Charlotte something to remember.


Which Warrior weaponized the most joy during All-Star weekend?

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  • 5%
    "What’s My Name?" / KD gives Embiid the business
    (12 votes)
  • 76%
    "More Bounce To The Ounce" / Steph serves Giannis with the tremendo oop
    (169 votes)
  • 13%
    "Don’t Stand So Close To Me"/ Steph gets Klay on the 4-Pt trickery
    (30 votes)
  • 4%
    "I’m Dreamin" / Curry puts the world into a trance in the 3-Pt contest
    (11 votes)
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