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Livestream: Stephen Curry and Barack Obama at “My Brother’s Keeper” Town Hall in Oakland today at 3pm

Today at 3:15-4:45 the popular President and Warriors’ star join forces to support mentoring, and youth violence prevention efforts.

Obama Welcomes 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors To White House

It’s like the buddy comedy I’ve always wanted is having one of those serious episodes. Barack Obama and Stephen Curry are two men who embody a lot of respectable and inherently good human qualities. The two have seemed to form a legitimate closeness, from multiple golf outings to one of the most wholesome videos on mentorship that you can find on the internet, to this year’s semi-secret meeting in Washington.

As part of this ongoing unity of purpose, Stephen Curry and Barack Obama will be headlining an event this afternoon right here in Oakland. The event is described as a town hall with President Obama, Stephen Curry, and young men of color in Oakland and around the world via livestream.

You can read more about the overall three-day program on the official Obama Foundation page, but a short description is useful in understanding the general thrust of the Foundation’s work, as well as this specific event:

The event marks the fifth anniversary of the initial launch of My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative started by President Obama following the death of Trayvon Martin. My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, now part of the Obama Foundation, aims to support mentoring and youth violence prevention efforts that ensure boys and young men of color have the same right as every child to a safe and supportive community and opportunity to thrive. The convening will be an opportunity to reflect on the progress made over the years and build on the momentum of those seeing success.

You can find the livestream here.

If anyone is watching, please comment below with any updates or notable quotes.

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