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Warriors vs. Lakers: JaVale McGee will receive his 2018 NBA championship ring tonight

NBA: Golden State Warriors-Championship Parade Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors will face the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at Oracle Arena, which means JaVale McGee can finally receive the ring he earned as a member of the 2017-18 NBA champions.

After winning two straight titles with the Warriors, McGee took his talents to Venice Beach (is that how this works, LeBron?) to join the Lakers last summer. Although this is the second time the Warriors have face the Lakers in Oakland, McGee missed the previous game due to pneumonia so the Warriors postponed his personal ring ceremony until today.

Justin Mak wrote an ode to JaVale McGee over the summer, which captures the generally positive impression he left upon the Golden State of Mind community. And so far, McGee still appears to have strong relationships with the team he won two titles with as he was caught pre-game greeting Kevin Durant in familiar fashion.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr also had positive words for McGee pre-game, highlighting the big man’s contributions to the last two title runs.

Even though McGee is wearing an opposing uniform — and not just any uniform, but a Lakers uniform — he’ll hopefully receive a warm welcome at Oracle tonight.

Feel free to leave your reflections on McGee or observations about the game in the comments tonight.

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