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Don Nelson on life after basketball: “I’ve been smoking some pot”

The former Warriors coach swung by Oracle on Thursday and dropped a golden quote.

Jazz v Mavericks X

Golden State Warriors coaching legend Don Nelson was in the building on Thursday night to witness his former team beat the Sacramento Kings 125-123 in an exciting game.

Before the game, Nelson - who holds the NBA coaching record with 1,335 wins, 422 of which came with the Warriors - met with the media. He was joined by two other prominent faces from the We Believe team, fan favorites Jason Richardson and Stephen Jackson.

It didn’t take long for Nellie to revert back to his old ways and drop an absolute gem of a quote. Bless this man.

Asked what he’s been doing in Hawaii after moving there upon retirement, Nellie smiled and said “I’ve been smoking some pot.” This prompted J-Rich to cackle in delight, while Stack Jack raised his arms triumphantly.

Nelson, laughing, then raised a finger and clarified, “But I never smoked when I played or coached.”

This comes a year after he said in an interview that he’s been (legally) growing marijuana, along with coffee.

It’s safe to say Nellie is missed, and welcome anytime in the Bay Area.

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