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Charlotte and Davidson will always be home to Steph Curry.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how much of a global celebrity Stephen Curry is, he will always take Charlotte with him wherever he goes.

“Charlotte will always be home.” Curry said recently in an article by Nick Friedel of ESPN, “Obviously, we live in California, but our roots are here.”

Throughout the All Star Weekend, Curry solidified his love for the Queen City. He stood infant of a full house at the Carole Hoefener Center and helped refurbished the community center that he honed his game in.

In the same day, Curry sat courtside with his former college teammate and close friend, Bryant Barr, and celebrated Davidson’s win over St. Josephs by climbing into the section named in his honor and celebrating with students.

Fast forward a week later before the Warriors’ tilt with the Hornets, Curry and his Warriors teammates reminisced over his time at Davidson. Draymond Green remembers watching Curry and his Wildcats during that 2008 NCAA tournament run.

“Just watching a small guy, undersized really for a 2-guard, on an average team completely destroying the NCAA,” Green recalled, as reported by Friedel. “It was an incredible run to watch. I was really hoping he got to the Final Four, but it was amazing.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr agrees.

“It was magical to watch him,” Kerr said in Friedel’s article. “The first time I saw him play, he was a sophomore, played in the Wooden Classic against UCLA. He didn’t shoot the ball well but his feel and ball handling just jumped off the court. You could just feel his presence. the whole game revolved around him.”

While Curry is proud of his roots and his accomplishments at Davidson, he wants to highlight how the ‘Cat’s tourney run was more of a team effort that it was about Curry, and want to make sure his teammates get the credit as well.

“I just know we did something special a lot of people were surprised to see, and we did it as a team,” Curry said in the article. “It’s just wild I can think about each teammate that I played with and who important the were to the squad. That’s something coach McKillop highlights as much as any regardless of what I did personally, it doesn’t happen without the rest of the guys. So that’s not just talk. That’s how we feel”

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