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Warriors react to Dwyane Wade’s wild game-winner

A basketball legend made a legendary play, and the Warriors appreciated it.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade made all the highlight reels on Wednesday night, when he made a truly wild buzzer-beater to send the Miami Heat passed the Golden State Warriors.

With time running down and the Heat trailing by two, Wade hoisted a three pointer, but was rejected by Jordan Bell. The ball bounced back to Wade who, with the clock about to expire, threw up a wild shot off one leg while off-balance.

It went in.

As a fan, it was impossible to be mad. This is an all-time great player, in his swan song, playing his final game against the Warriors, and he made the type of creative, nearly-impossible shot that we’ll remember for years to come.

Sure, the Warriors lost. But, if we’re being honest, that was pretty awesome.

It was probably a little bit less awesome for the Golden State players, who fought their way back from a huge deficit, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion. But after the game, even the Warriors had to stop, smile, and admire what had just transpired with the 13-time All-Star and three-time champion.

Steph Curry smirked about the play, saying, “Moments like tonight kind of remind you of how great he is. It just sucks it was against us.”

Kevin Durant called it a “tremendous play,” and that “you don’t even think about shooting that shot, winning the game that way.” With a smile, KD said that Wade “gamed us” in response to it being the final matchup between Golden State and the legendary shooting guard.

Bell and coach Steve Kerr had similar reactions: a feeling of inevitability. Bell said, “When he shot it I was like, ‘that’s going in.’” And said Kerr, “I knew it was going in as soon as it left his hands.”

Great players make great plays. Sometimes all you can do is tip your cap.

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