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Draymond Green hilariously describes how to rebound after a loss

You can always count on Dray for a great quote.

Golden State Warriors v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Miami Heat in gut-wrenching fashion on Wednesday night, as they held a two-point lead before Dwyane Wade made a miraculous buzzer-beater to steal the win.

But with the Warriors playing again on Thursday against the Orlando Magic, there’s no time for the team to mope. And they know it.

Always loaded with a terrific quote, Draymond Green was asked after the game how the team bounces back after a tough loss. He dropped a gem in response.

“We go out, you know, put our shorts on — you know some guys wear an undershirt, probably put that on,” Green deadpanned, before smiling. “And get your jersey on. Possibly then make it to your socks, and then if you get to your shoes you tie them up and you just go play the game and that’s that. It don’t take a rocket scientist.”

Now, I’ve never lost an NBA game, but that seems like fairly sound advice.

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