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Joe Lacob on the Warriors slump: “Why wouldn’t I be confident?”

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Golden State’s owner isn’t concerned with the recent play of the team.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors-Championship Parade Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Lacob is used to the Golden State Warriors winning. Since he purchased the team in 2010, he’s helped the Warriors evolve from NBA laughing stock to one of the most dominant dynasties in league history.

So you would forgive him if he were a little worried about the state of the current team which, while still good, is not up to their standards. The Warriors have dropped six of their last 10 games, and that includes a home loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns, a 27-point home loss to the Boston Celtics, a 22-point loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, and back-to-back losses to Florida’s duo of sub-.500 teams, the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

But Lacob isn’t worried, at least not overtly. Anthony Slater of The Athletic caught up with the Dubs’ majority owner to take his temperature on the franchise, and according to Lacob, all is well.

“Honestly, doesn’t affect me at all,” Lacob told Slater of the slump. “I don’t really think about it. I think a little tension, a little adversity, is always good in the long run.”

Asked if this felt abnormal after the successes of the last four seasons - three titles, a record-setting season, etc., - Lacob had a gold answer.

“No,” he replied. “What felt abnormal to me was Year 1 and 2, back in 2010-11 and ’11-12, when we struggled to win games at all and didn’t really have a lot of hope, really.

“That, you want to talk about that? That’s adversity. That felt abnormal to me because I like winning.”

Lacob is certainly known for exuding extreme amounts of confidence, and a mini-slump in Oakland isn’t going to quell that. And he has a darn good reason.

“We have the best team in the world,” Lacob said. “Why wouldn’t I be confident? I think we have a great team, great talent. In the NBA, talent usually wins.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

It’s always fun to hear Lacob talk about the state of the team, so head over and check out the whole interview.