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Klay Thompson apologizes after criticizing fans: “We have the greatest fan base in sports”

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It’s all love between the sharpshooter and the fans.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After the Golden State Warriors bizarre and deflating home loss to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, Klay Thompson met with the media and did something a bit out of character for the super laid back star. He kind of called out the fans.

The five-time All-Star noted that Oracle Arena was a little less than popping during the game, stating that, “I expect our crowd to be a little more into it . . . We need that energy from them.”

It wasn’t exactly a scathing critique, but it certainly had the potential to rub some people the wrong way. And on Wednesday Thompson - who has always had a beautiful relationship with Warriors fans - took to social media to make sure that the Golden State faithful know they’re appreciated.

If you can’t see the tweet, here’s what it says:

I love DubNation. We have the greatest fan base in sports. We feed greatly off their energy in Oracle and I meant no disrespect. #timetogotowork #roadwarriors

While not necessary, it was good of Thompson to clear the air and let fans know how much they’re valued and respected. There aren’t many players as beloved by their fan base as Thompson is by DubNation, and this will help it stay that way.