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Steph Curry and Shaun Livingston welcome Generation Thrive to Oakland

The Warriors are back at it, making a difference in the community.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors have made a habit of being difference makers not only on the court, but off it. And more often than not, it seems that Steph Curry and Shaun Livingaston are in the middle of that action.

Such was the case earlier in the week, when the two Golden State point guards helped welcome “Generation Thrive,” an incredible initiative that is the work of the Warriors franchise, the city of Oakland, and Kaiser Permanente.

The Warriors will move across the bay next year to San Francisco, but not just the players. All of the offices and organizational facilities will move as well, leaving much behind in Oakland.

Once the team is gone, the Oakland practice facility will house Generation Thrive, which will aim to help local at-risk youth with in three primary categories: College and career readiness, health and wellness, and educational equity.

Generation Thrive is not a non-profit, but rather what they’re calling a non-profit accelerator. It will function as an ally for various other non-profits and youth organizations that will help the community in numerous different ways.

It’s a 20-year partnership, meaning Generation Thrive will be here for the long haul, and can truly have a deep impact on the Oakland community.

Curry and Livingston helped kick off Generation Thrive with a panel that also featured team president and chief operating officer Rick Welts, as well as broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald.

“We are the Bay Area’s team - Oakland is a part of the fabric our organization and while we are leaving a building, we are not leaving a city,” Welts said, prior to the panel. “Because of Kaiser Permanente’s demonstrated commitment to Oakland and other Bay Area communities, we couldn’t think of a better partner to create a lasting impact on the youth and future of this community.”

For more information on Generation Thrive, check out the league’s press release.