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Andrew Bogut’s visa situation is handled, and he’s set to join the team next week

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The center will will return to the Bay Area on Saturday, and likely debut on Thursday.

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Andrew Bogut’s work visa has been cleared, and he’s set to rejoin the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors still have three games left on their road trip, but Bogut will not be with the team for them.

Instead, the center will fly to the Bay Area on Saturday, and meet the team there. He’ll join the squad when they return, and be on the court on Thursday, when the team hosts the Indiana Pacers.

Coach Steve Kerr revealed the news at Friday’s practice. Kerr noted that, with Bogut already flying around the world, it made no sense for him to meet up with the team on the road and travel some more, all while jet-lagged.

Instead, Bogut will get the chance to get settled in and used to the time difference, before joining the Dubs on the court for a three-game home stand.

“He gets to the Bay on Saturday, so I didn’t think it made sense for him to fly across the country after flying across the world,” Kerr said. “So he’ll probably just meet us in the Bay when we get back, more than likely.”

Assuming Bogut makes his debut on Thursday, he’ll have 12 regular season games to get acclimated before the postseason begins.