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David West: I’m fearful of Milwaukee, but Warriors have the switch

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Warriors hero D-West sat down with the crew on “First Things First” to answer the tough questions about the Dubs title chances and the KD drama.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

David West won two titles as a strong force for the Golden State Warriors and helped build the Golden Empire. He spoke with Fox Sports’ morning talk show “First Things First” recently, and he dropped some gems.

What’s up with the Warriors’ inconsistency?

“I think it’s just the wear of everyone gearing up for you every night, and the pressure of having to try to win every single night.

They also had some things go public that we were able to keep in the closest at other parts in the year. I thought it affected them...they were able to recover from it, and obviously get ready to make another championship.”

Were the Warriors dealing with the Kevin Durant contract issue last year?

“You’re dealing with egos, you’re dealing with guys who are in high pressure situations. And men are gonna clash. Especially men who have a lot of pride and a lot of strong opinions.”

Is there a switch?

“I think that they can flip the switch. I’ve seen them do it. I’ve seen Klay do it. I’ve seen him miss shootarounds and come out and score 60 points. I’ve seen them flip the switch. Obviously, defensively is where it starts, and they have to become a hungry and thirsty defensive team in order to have a good playoff run”.

Who is a bigger threat, Thunder or Rockets?

“I love OKC, and I love PG (Paul George) obviously. But I think the Rockets. Harden is probably the best one-on-one guy we’ve seen, ever, in my opinion. The way he can control the game with his dribble, even with everyone looking at him...if he’s healthy, I think they’re gonna be the toughest challenge because nobody has proven they can guard that dude.”

Do you think will the Warriors win the title?

“I do. I think their biggest challenge is gonna be in the East.

I’m fearful of Milwaukee, they have a lot of guys wired the right way. Not chasing the fame, but grinding and gritty...and at the right place in their careers.”

D-West verifying the existence of the magic switch and sounding the alarm about Milwaukee is something I’m sure Dub Nation can chew on until the playoffs start.