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No Durant as Warriors visit Thunder? Let’s see what happens!

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Golden State stays cautious, keeps Kevin Durant out as he recuperates from a sprained ankle

Golden State Warriors v Charlotte Hornets
let’s Boogie!
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Opting for safety, the Golden State Warriors announced earlier this morning that superstar Kevin Durant will not be suiting up against his old team. The Thunder are obviously a loaded opponent, so the task tonight just got a bit tougher.

From what we are seeing and hearing, this is much more indicative of the Warriors preference to play it cool, with an eye towards the playoffs, than it is any sort of concern for the injury’s severity.


So will Andre Iguodala get the start again? It would certainly seem like the logical substitution to make, with Paul George on the other side of the ball.

The Warriors have nothing if not an abundance of talent, so hopefully the rest of the team can step up and fill some of Kevin Durant’s long, skinny shoes - and his team-leading 27 points per game.

Look for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to be aggressively attacking in order to make up for the loss of punch. DeMarcus Cousins is coming off a huge game, but will face off against one of the stoutest post defenders in the NBA, so I could see that matchup going either way this evening.

So grab a beverage of choice, get some snacks, and let’s watch our Warriors go to battle!