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Surprise surprise: The Warriors have clinched a playoff spot

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We all knew it would happen, but it’s still a notable achievement.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With an emphatic win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night, the Golden State Warriors punched their ticket to the playoffs.

Golden State making the playoffs was always a foregone conclusion. They’ve been to the NBA Finals in four consecutive years. They sport All-Stars at all five positions, and have two of the three best players in the world. They were always going to make the playoffs.

But it’s still worth celebrating.

This is the seventh consecutive trip to the postseason for the Warriors. Imagine telling yourself that seven years ago. Imagine how much you would have laughed!

Prior to the start of the seven-year run, the Warriors had made the playoffs once in the last 18 years. Once in the past 18 years! And now they’ve done so seven years in a row, a franchise record.

It’s easy to get overly-accustomed to winning, and find yourself frustrated with the team when they’re not playing up to their potential.

But let’s not forgot just how far this franchise has come, and how absurdly good they are now.