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Warriors fall back into bad habits and fall to Spurs

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Dubs snatch defeat from victory’s jaws.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Play a stupid game... win stupid prizes or in the Golden State Warriors case, play a stupid game and take a well deserved L and share the number one spot in the west with the Denver Nuggets.

The Warriors played a stupid game last night, and the crazy thing about it is that they actually could have won the game. Even when they were down by double-digits, the Warriors were never really out of it. However, the bad habits that had Kevin Durant heated after that embarrassing loss against the Suns last week resurfaced.

Here are a few takeaways from the Warriors’ 105-111 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

Poor Execution

The Splash Brothers had an off night. Stephen Curry shot 9 of 25 from the field while Klay Thompson labored through a 5 of 18 night. Believe it or not, nights like these happen even to the best of them. Obviously the struggles of the Splash Brothers highlight the Warriors’ inability to execute during the game. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about the fact that they missed shots. It’s the fact that they along with the rest of the team didn’t have the best shot selections last night.

Instead of driving the lane, Curry settled for jacking up threes. Granted, he did miss makeable shots for him and I get trying to play through a slump. However, he was better off forcing the issue in the lane, taking it to the basket and drawing contact.

Thompson and Durant at different points in the game tended to settle for perimeter shots. To Durant’s credit, he had success driving late in the game.

Lack Of Hustle

San Antonio made a killing on the glass. Out rebounding the Warriors 46-43. When you look a little closer, those rebounds lead to 13 second chance points. Not to mention, the Spurs converting 14 points off of the Warriors’ 13 turnovers. In addition to those two things, the Warriors were really passive on defense. They didn't guard the perimeter well at all, letting Patty Mills, Derrick White, and others go crazy with outside shots. A few timely stops when the the Warriors trailed by 2 to 5 points would have shifted this very winnable game.

KD Passiveness

Granted, I understand that Durant was trying to move the ball last night. He was trying to re-integrate himself and commit to moving the ball more since it worked against Houston and Oklahoma City nights before. However, Durant didn’t look for his shot like he should have. Then again, some of the Warriors didn’t look for him either.

It is amazing that after nearly three years together, it’s still a struggle for the Warriors at times to effectively play Durant and Curry. Earlier in the season, they were each averaging nearly 30 points per game. Granted, Curry’s groin injury killed momentum. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that at this point, that the coaches should know by now how to play these two. It was great that Durant was willing to pass last night as opposed to iso. But, he would have been more effective cutting, moving and taking that open shot.