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Last chance - get your fan night tickets, one last chance to hit a free throw in Oracle Arena

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NBA: Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers

Ok, everyone, this is it. This is really it. The team will be closing this ticket offer shortly, so if you are at all interested in seeing one last Warriors game in Oakland before they make the move to the glitzy shores of San Francisco, you must act now.

The buyer link can be found at “” and it is now active for you - just copy and paste into the web browser of your choice. You MUST copy this text, Ticketmaster is somehow breaking the link function:

The Promo code is GSOMNIGHT. Also, if your group is looking to purchase 10 or more tickets, you can call or email Anthony directly at (510) 986-5403, or

If you’ve missed out on it once the sales close, there’s no way in. No free shirt, no freethrows (but you are still welcome to come to the game and root for everyone’s favorite team, of course).


  • GSOM Night: Friday, April 5th at Oracle Arena (vs. what’s left of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Price: Club 200 Sideline Seats are $115 each
  • Each ticket includes:

-$10 concession voucher (good for booze, food or soda);

-GSOM Night shirt; and

-Post-game free throw.