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Draymond Green: “My history with Dirk is him busting my ass”

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Dirk Nowitzki is saying goodbye to Oracle Arena, and that’s okay with one Defensive Player of the Year.

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Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks will visit the Golden State Warriors on Saturday, and it marks the final time that Dirk Nowitzki plays at Oracle Arena.

The 14-time All-Star may retire at the end of the season, but even if he doesn’t, the Warriors are moving across the bay to the Chase Center.

It goes without saying that Nowitzki has a lot of history with Oracle. He’s visited there many times during the course of his 21-year career, including famously in the 2007 NBA Playoffs, when the brilliant We Believe Warriors upset the 67-win Mavs.

Ahead of Nowitzki’s final trip to Oracle, Anthony Slater of The Athletic penned an incredible article, which included Nowitzki’s take on the raucous Warriors fanbase, and the famous hole he created in the wall of the visitor’s tunnel in 2007.

The article featured quotes from many Warriors players about the future first ballot Hall of Famer. But no one had as great a quote as Draymond Green.

“My history with Dirk is him busting my ass,” the Defensive Player of the Year stated. “I’m happy I don’t gotta get my ass busted no more.”

Jokes aside, the NBA won’t be quite the same without Nowitzki. But Green’s words are a pretty great tribute to one of the greatest players in NBA history.