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Warriors get crushed by Mavs, don’t seem too concerned. Happy birthday Ayesha Curry!

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The day after Steph Curry’s wife’s epic birthday, the champs didn’t have the needed energy against the Mavericks.

The 2017 ESPYS - Arrivals Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Look, let me start this off by saying I never like seeing my hometown team get blown out by 40. Especially on the hallowed floors of Oracle Arena, in the last year that basketball will ever be played there by the great Golden State dynasty.

It’s jarring watching a team full of All-Stars, veterans, and youths with something to prove get the People’s Elbow from a lottery team led by a young man from Slovenia and an old man from Germany. Here’s a highlight from last night’s game.

Oops, I meant this one.

You’re probably wondering how to cope with this brutal loss. Here’s how I did it:


That is peak cuteness. Hmmmm, curious that Steph Curry sat out Saturday night’s game after going ham for his wife’s birthday party. Very curious, indeed.

That tells me there are things more important in life than beating Dallas in March. Draymond Green, the guy in charge of getting the Warriors hyped to dominate, echoed as much. Per ESPN: “Sometimes you have games where playing against that team isn’t going to get you up,” Green said. “You got to find the energy somewhere else. We didn’t.”

Hell, they let the 300 year old legend Dirk Nowitzki have his best game of the season!

Since head coach Steve Kerr said the team needs to flush the game down the toilet, and Klay Thompson was snickering in the postgame about how trash the Warriors defense was, I can’t really put too much stock into this one.

Let’s get ready for Detroit!