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Warriors beat Memphis 118-103 on best shooting night of Durant’s career

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Durant shot 92% from the field while playing point forward expertly. He’s a living legend.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant looked completely unstoppable as his Golden State Warriors won 118-103 over the Memphis Grizzlies. Durant was at his focused peak, making 12-of-13 shots from the field on a night he was more interested in being a facilitator. That’s right folks, on his best shooting night ever, Durant wasn’t even thirsty to score; he was intent on dishing the rock for extended spurts throughout the game. He finished with 28 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and was a +30 plus/minus.

Steph Curry and DeMarcus Cousins were gleeful recipients of Durant’s brilliant floor game, as they had 28 and 16 points respectively. Draymond Green played his usual masterful defensive game as well.

The Grizzlies were no pushovers though, led by Jonas Valanciunas’ 27 points and 13 rebounds. Mike Conley added 22 of his own. This game wasn’t broken open into double digits until late in the fourth quarter, when the Warriors delivered a nasty 14-1 run to get final seperation.

First Half

Grit-N-Grind was nowhere to be found in the first half, as both teams raised out to big scoring totals. Durant was as hot as fish grease early on, scoring 14 points on a perfect 7-of-7 shooting from the field.

Curry added 14 of his own with four made triples, while Quin Cook provided an early jolt off of the bench with 3-for-3 shooting from beyond the arc.

But the Grizzlies were not afraid, taking a 37-31 advantage after one quarter. They were led by the dual punch of Valanciunas and Conley, who had 16 and 11 points respectively after two quarters. The Warriors shot 62% from the field at the half, and made 11-of-17 of their three pointers. However their nine turnovers kept the Grizzlies in striking distance.

Warriors 66, Grizzlies 60

Second Half

Durant kept his perfect shooting up until midway through the fourth quarter.

He appeared to be fouled on the 11th shot, a mid-range jumper at around the 7 minute mark, but the refs swallowed the whistle and Durant had to just roll his eyes.

He didn’t seem too worried about going for his shot though; in fact he looked like a 7-foot Scottie Pippen the way he waved his arms around and orchestrated the offense as a point forward. Durant’s eyes lit up as he waited for the Warriors to fly around screens and get open for the pass. It was BEAUTIFUL.

I cannot harp enough on the poise and joy Durant is showing for this team right now as a facilitator first, deadly scorer second. Either way he does it we’ll win a title, but he is showing a point guard level focus in setting up his superstar teammates.