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Warriors vs Timberwolves: Will the Dubs slow down Big KAT?

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The champs face Minnesota at 5 P.M.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NBA has morphed from the ground-and-pound wrestling matches of the 1990s to spread offenses jacking up three-pointers with reckless abandon. The fate of the traditional big man was in doubt as many giants were phased out by the speed of the game.

Thankfully, DeMarcus Cousins and Karl-Anthony Towns are evolving the position into unforeseen levels of versatility and talent. These two leaders of the new school of centers will be battling it out in Minnesota this evening. Cousins missed the last Dubs-Wolves matchup and newly returned reserve Andrew Bogut was on the business end of Towns’ prodigious scoring.

Per Dieter Kurtenbach of the Mercury News:

Towns established dominance over Bogut early — knocking down outside shots, mid-range shots, and doing some impressive work around the hoop, too. The big man combined strength and finesse in rarely seen ways abasing the Warriors and looked unstoppable at times, finishing with 26 points and 21 rebounds on 62 percent shooting.

Let’s see if Cousins gives KAT some problems tonight!