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Warriors nominate a referee as a player of the game; haters get furious

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The Dubs took a loss in Minnesota, and felt the refereeing wasn’t quite up to snuff.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Normally when we do a Warrior Wonder here at GSoM, we have the impossible task of figuring out which Golden State player had the most thrilling performance. This time it would appear the Warriors players themselves have already picked who was the memorable man of the evening.

Funny enough, it wasn’t even a hooper that was nominated last night. It was a referee!

Let’s go to the footage!

Clearly, the Warriors had reason to be annoyed. LOL. The Warriors weren’t exactly enamored with the decision making of Mr. Kogut last night, and used their champion’s prerogative to voice their displeasure.

What does it all mean? Just more funny drama that should add some fuel to the Warriors quest for a three-peat.

And then my personal favorite part, when the Dubs haters open their mouths.

I really enjoy hearing people get loud about the Dubs before the playoffs start. Soon, they will all be washed away into irrelevance after the third straight banner is raised in the Golden Empire.