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Report: Warriors are ‘expected to sign’ Andrew Bogut

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It looks like a reunion is in the works.

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Six Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Yesterday, news broke that the Golden State Warriors were interested in reuniting with Andrew Bogut, whose season in the Australian NBL just concluded. Today, those reports have intensified, with Shams Charania reporting that Golden State is considered the “frontrunner” to sign the seven-foot former number one draft pick.

Connor LeTourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle followed that up by reporting that the team is “expected to sign” Bogut as soon as he receives his letter of clearance from the NBL.

Bogut had a stellar season in the NBL, winning both the MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year. He looks healthy and athletic, which is a good sign after injuries stole much of his most recent NBA seasons.

The big man is, arguably, a great option for the Warriors. DeMarcus Cousins is currently the only full-size center on the roster, and between his injury history and defensive struggles, the team may want some depth there, especially since they may face Marc Gasol or Joel Embiid if they make it to the NBA Finals.

And, of course, the team has a lot of familiarity with Bogut, who played in 236 games with the franchise and was a key member of the first championship squad in 2015.