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Warriors make the Andrew Bogut signing official

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He’s back.

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Andrew Bogut has officially signed with the Golden State Warriors. It’s been clear for a few days now that Bogut was set to return to the team he won a title with in 2015, but the contract wasn’t official until today.

The team announced the news on their social media accounts.

With Bogut officially re-signed, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was finally able to discuss the acquisition. Kerr had been asked about Bogut in recent days, but, while he acknowledged that there had been discussions, he wasn’t able to make any comments until a contract was signed.

That has now happened.

“We’re excited about Boges coming in,” Kerr said at Wednesday’s practice. “We looked at this as an insurance policy in the frontcourt. A guy who obviously knows our system, he knows our players - half of them. He’s great for our offense, dribble hand-offs, his passing ability, his lob threat. And defensively he’s been one of the best in the game for a long time. He had a great season in Sydney, he’s healthy, he’s fresh, and he’s the best player available for us.

“We have to look ahead to the playoffs, and different matchups, and we felt vulnerable, particularly in case of injury, against certain matchups. So that’s why Boges is coming.”

Kerr noted that he doesn’t yet know how he’ll use Bogut, but that the center has no expectations for minutes.

Bogut is expected to make his return sometime during the team’s upcoming road trip, which begins in a week.