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Andrew Bogut on the Warriors trading him in 2016: “I would do that to myself if I was the GM”

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The center doesn’t hold any grudges against Golden State for shipping him off.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bogut is returning to the Golden State Warriors, less than three years after the team traded him to the Dallas Mavericks.

Bogut was a key part of the Warriors evolving from a laughing stock to a dynasty, yet was a casualty of the team’s pursuit of Kevin Durant. When Durant agreed to sign with Golden State in the summer of 2016, the Warriors had no choice but to unload Bogut’s salary to make room for the MVP.

There were some rumblings that Bogut held a grudge against the organization for shipping him off when he played such an integral role in a championship and a record-setting 73-win season. But ahead of his return, he insists that that’s not the case, and that he has a lot of love for the people in the organization.

“Still a lot of people I’m very fond of there,” Bogut said at a press conference in Australia. “Obviously Steve Kerr’s a sensational not only coach, but person, the way he manages the day-to-day and manages personalities. Honestly, it’s a business - you had a chance to sign Kevin Durant and I’m the odd man out because I was making $12 million that next season, they had to free up some cap space. I mean, I would do that to myself if I was the GM. I’m not under any allusions that I’m as good as KD, I’d make that move if I was a GM.

“So it’s no hard feelings . . . obviously I was disappointed. It got ramped up a little bit in the media that I was really bitter and hated everyone there - it was never the case. I kept in touch with a lot of guys there - Draymond, Steph, Klay - throughout leaving there, and now that I have the opportunity to go back I think it’s a very cool story.”

Bogut also discussed potential playing time, and echoed Steve Kerr’s sentiment that the center had no expectations. Bogut claimed that “It’s an absolute honor to go and sign there and not play a minute - anything more than that is a bonus.”

Bogut is expected to join the team during their next road trip, which begins on Wednesday.