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A nine year-old just changed the way Curry and Under Armour market their shoes to girls/women.

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Happy international Women’s Day!

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Yeah, I know. This is a for-profit company very intentionally leveraging attention for a PR boost. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because it is also more than that.

In honor of International Women’s Day, a young girl who made a profound impact with her appeal to Stephen Curry received the first pair of the Curry 6 purple sneakers a day before their official release.

Stephen Curry is the face of Under Armour, a huge multinational corporation with tremendous influence and reach. So when Riley Morrison, a 9-year-old local girl wrote a letter, it could have easily been lost in a pile of correspondence and fan mail.

But this is a pattern with Stephen Curry, who made headlines earlier this season when he announced his new nation-wide camps that would focus on women’s basketball. That camp, by the way, has already been to three different cities, and counting.

Riley Morrison wrote in her letter (which was subsequently posted online by her father on Nov. 18) that she’s a big fan and was shopping for a pair Under Armour Icon Curry 5 sneakers.

Curry quickly responded on twitter:

What does empowerment look like?

If we are talking about what International Women’s day should mean, then it’s about the ladies doing stuff, but it is also about the role that men play in facilitating in any way that they can.
So this story is about Riley Morrison moving the world a little tiny bit, and it’s also about celebrating Stephen Curry’s willingness to hear the message and respond.

Here’s the scene from earlier today, as reported by ESPN.

But while Riley was waiting around in the back of the store with her parents and older sister, a certain 6-foot-3 superstar, her basketball idol, surprised her by poking his head into the room.

”It was extremely surprising,” Riley said, still awed even hours later after meeting Curry. “He’s a good person and extremely nice.”

Curry’s cameo was a fitting bookend to the release of the shoes, believed to be the first time a marquee male athlete has been the face of a basketball shoe made specifically for women and girls.

”Riley has boldly set an inspiring example for not only my daughters but girls all around the world,” Curry said in a statement to espnW. “You’re never too small or too young for your voice to be heard.”