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Klay Thompson on the Warriors struggles: “I have not one bit of concern in my body”

Golden State hasn’t played their best basketball lately, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is worried.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors haven’t exactly played great basketball lately, but Klay Thompson, for one, isn’t worried.

At Friday’s shootaround, Thompson noted that the team will absolutely operate at full strength when the games matter most.

“I have not one bit of concern in my body,” Thompson stated confidently. “We have too much experience, too much talent. And as the playoffs come closer, I think everyone will see what we’re made of.”

That confidence is certainly well-founded. Over the last two years, the Warriors have showed up when the games mattered most.

They’ll need to do that again this year. Golden State has been very good, but certainly not up to their standards, especially as of late. They’ve lost three of their last four games, and five of their last eight. In their last contest they got destroyed at home by the reeling Boston Celtics by 27 points.

On the year, the Warriors are 44-20, which is third in the league, and first in the West by one game. Their net rating of 5.6 is second in the league, well behind the Milwaukee Bucks, and a hair ahead of the Celtics.

The Warriors will need to go 14-4 or better over their remaining 18 games to avoid having their worst record in the Steve Kerr era. But then again, the year they had their best record of this era is the only year they didn’t win the title.

So they know which games really matter.