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Andre Iguodala says “our bench should be a whole lot better”

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The Finals MVP isn’t content with the performance of the second unit that he leads.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Iguodala may be one of the top bench players in the league, but the Golden State Warriors still have a rather unproductive reserve unit. On the year, the 29.0 points per game that the Warriors’ bench averages ranks 29th in the league.

Iguodala, an All-Star and Finals MVP, knows that isn’t quite good enough. At Sunday’s practice he admitted that the second unit isn’t getting it done, saying, “Our bench should be a whole lot better.

The three-time champion noted that the young players are in early every day, and that the culture is great - they just need to play better.

It’s hard to argue with Iguodala, and even harder to argue with numbers. Check out the stats for the bench players this year:

Warriors Bench

Player Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game Assists Per Game 3-Point % True-Shooting %
Player Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game Assists Per Game 3-Point % True-Shooting %
Jonas Jerebko 6.4 4.4 1.4 35.0% 58.7%
Kevon Looney 6.3 5.7 1.7 10.0% 62.5%
Quinn Cook 6.3 2.1 1.5 37.9% 53.5%
Andre Iguodala 6.0 3.8 3.2 35.5% 59.4%
Damion Lee 4.7 1.8 0.2 39.6% 57.2%
Alfonzo McKinnie 4.6 3.4 0.4 33.7% 55.4%
Shaun Livingston 4.2 1.9 1.9 0.0% 53.5%
Jordan Bell 3.2 2.8 1.2 0.0% 54.6%
Marcus Derrickson 3.1 0.9 0.1 35.7% 54.3%
Jacob Evans III 0.8 0.5 0.6 16.7% 33.4%

Now, it bears noting that the Warriors star power inherently suppresses bench numbers. The Warriors almost always have at least two of their four elite scorers on the court, so they don’t rely on bench creation and scoring too much.

Still . . . those numbers are ugly, and Iguodala is right that they could be much better.