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Wake Up With the Warriors podcast: The season is over! Bring on the Clippers!

Audio recapping the final game of the regular season. Spoiler: There ain’t much to recap.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday’s match between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies was the final Warriors game of the season. The result of the game had virtually no meaning, and the play on the court reflected that.

Golden State gave off nights to three starters (Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, and Draymond Green), and short nights to the other two (Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson). The Grizzlies played a borderline G League lineup, yet couldn’t miss.

It was a funny, quick, entertaining, defenseless, meaningless game. But it was basketball!

Here’s a short audio recap of it, for you to listen to while you smack on a night cap of scotch on Wednesday night, or while you pull on your work clothes on Thursday morning. Your choice - I won’t judge you either way.

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast network on Stitcher, iTunes, and Spotify. We’ll be back with another episode of Wake Up With the Warriors after Game 1 of the playoffs, as well as an episode of Golden Stats of Mind on Friday, where we’ll break down the first round matchup between the Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Thanks for listening!