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Warriors vs. Clippers first round playoff schedule dates announced

Golden State’s playoff journey begins Saturday at 5:00 in Oakland against the Los Angeles Clippers

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
let’s go Warriors!

Clear out your Saturday evening, folks. The Golden State Warriors begin their title defense in earnest as the first round playoff matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers starts in just a couple days.

As was foretold by our pre-season ancestors, the Warriors finished with the West’s best record - which will match them up against the supposedly worst team in the bracket. However, this is the Western Conference, where the eight seeded teams are generally fairly decent. The Warriors will hopefully take this round seriously in order to keep this series as brief as possible. With the Houston Rockets next up in the playoff bracket (assuming both teams handle their business), some extra wiggle room to rest and get healthy between rounds would be just what the doctor ordered.

From their official team Twitter account, here is the full schedule:

If that’s hard to read, here are the salient details:
Game 1 - Saturday at 5 pm

Game 2 - Monday at 7:30 pm

Game 3 - Thursday (4/18) at 7:30 pm

Game 4 - Sunday (4/21) at 12:30 pm

The next game would be Wednesday (4/24) but I don’t think the series will go on that long (also, I have a business trip, so have my own selfish reasons for wanting this wrapped up in four games.

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